The Daily News | January 18

Robert F. Scott reached the South Pole, 1912
Pizarro found Lima, Peru, 1535
Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister of India, 1966
Siege of Leningrad ended, 1943
William of Prussia declared first German Emperor, 1871
Versailles Peace Conference opened, 1919
First Chinese granted naturalized citizenship (E.B. Kan), 1944
John Tyler, 10th US president, died, 1862
Commercial bakeries ordered to cease selling sliced bread, 1943
Rudyard Kipling, English writer, died, 1936
First shipload of convicts landed at Australia’s Botany Bay, 1788
Eastern Airlines went out of business, 1991
James Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands (named them Sandwich Islands), 1778
First landing of an airplane on a ship, 1911