The Daily News | January 15

Walter Wesley “Red” Smith, sports columnist, died, 1982
British Museum opened, 1759
“The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” aired its final episode, 1968
The Pentagon was completed, 1943
Frances “Fanny” Anne Kemble, English actress, died, 1893
Sammy Cahn, songwriter, died, 1993
Aristotle Onasis gained control of the Monte Carlo casino, 1953
Ray Bolger, actor and dancer, died, 1987
Henry H. “Hap” Arnold, US Army Air Force General, died, 1950
Edward Everett, American statesman, died, 1865
President Richard Nixon halted military offensives in Vietnam, 1973
Super Bowl I (Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10), 1967
First US prisoner executed in more than a decade (Gary Gilmore), 1977
Top Hat first worn (John Etherington, London), 1797
Purity Distilling Co exploded, flooding Boston with molasses (21 killed), 1919
Elizabeth Short (a.k.a. Black Dahlia) found murdered, 1947
Donkey first used as symbol for Democratic Party (T. Nast, Harper’s Weekly), 1870
Eliza McCardle Johnson, wife of Andrew Johnson, died, 1876