The Daily News | December 15

Walter Elias Disney, cartoon creator, died, 1966
Jan Peerce died, 1984
Sylvester Stallone married Brigitte Nielson, 1985
Vega I (USSR) launched, 1984
Netherlands Antilles granted complete autonomy, 1954
Argo Merchant oil spill, 1976
First quintuplet arrested (Marie Dionne, for assault), 1964
Antillean Flag first hoisted, 1959
Venera 7 (USSR) became the first to softland on Venus, 1970
Tefal pans first went on sale, 1960
Patent for the ice cream cone issued (Italo Marchiony), 1903
Edison patented the phonograph, 1877
Sir George Cayley, English father of aerodynamics, died, 1857
Bill of Rights became effective, 1791
Alton Glenn Miller disappeared over the English Channel, 1944
Alger Hiss indicted for perjury, 1948
Roy L. Williams, Teamsters president, convicted of bribery, 1982
James Naismith invented basketball, 1891
Angus Campbell, professor of psychology and sociology, died, 1980
First street cleaning machine used, 1854
Izaac Walton, English author (“The Compleat Angler”), died, 1683
“Emma” by Jane Austen published, 1815
“Mad” Anthony Wayne, American Revolutionary War general, died, 1796
Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotake) shot, 1890
San Francisco Fire Department replaced leather helmets with plastic, 1969
Military dictatorship ended in Chile, 1989
“Gone With the Wind” premiered (Loew’s Grand Theater, Atlanta), 1939
Carlos Romulo, Filipino statesman, died, 1985
American Psychiatric Association declared homosexuality not a mental illness, 1973
US forces landed at Mindoro, Philippines, 1944