The Daily News | April 24

First man to die in space (V. Komarov, USSR), 1967
Otto Preminger died, 1986
Occupation of the South by US Federal troops ended, 1877
Soda fountain patented, 1833
The Duchess of Windsor (Wallis Warfield Simpson) died, 1986
Spain declared war on the US, 1898
Joshua Slocum left Boston on solo circumnavigation sail, 1895
Fathometer patented (H.G. Dorsey), 1928
Military mission to free American hostages in Iran was aborted, 1980
US Library of Congress established, 1800
First radio series based on Fu Manchu broadcast its last program, 1933
Willa Cather, American author, died, 1947
China launched its first earth satellite (fifth nation to do so), 1970
Woolworth Building (New York) dedicated, 1913
First US newspaper published on a regular basis (Boston News Letter), 1704
First photographs taken from an airplane, 1909