The Daily News | July 1

James McNeill Whistler entered West Point, 1851
Sony Walkman unveiled, 1979
First adhesive postage stamps issued in US, 1847
R. Buckminster Fuller died, 1983
(Gottlieb) Eliel Saarinen, architect, died, 1950
Battle of Gettysburg began, 1863
Tony La Russa hired by the Oakland Athletics, 1986
Bureau of Entomology founded, 1904
Michael Landon (Eugene Orowitz), actor, died, 1991
“Bewitched” final episode, 1972
“Hair” closed on Broadway (1,729 performances), 1972
PG-13 movie rating introduced, 1984
Union of Lublin signed (united Poland and Lithuania), 1569
US Zip codes went into effect, 1963
First post-war atomic bomb test by the US (Bikini Atoll), 1946
US Medicare first went into effect, 1966
First US public library established (Boston, by Franklin), 1731
First US zoo opened (Philadelphia), 1874
First flight around the world completed (8 days, 15 hours), 1931
Ghana established its independence, 1960
Bily Sunday stole four bases for the Pirates (vs. New York), 1890
Rwanda established its independence, 1962
First Spanish-language newspaper published in US (New York), 1827
Prince Edward Island joined Dominion, 1873
Prince Charles became the Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, 1969
Burundi established its independence, 1962
Teddy Roosevelt and his “Rough Riders” took San Juan Hill, 1898
“Ms.” magazine began publication, 1972
Allan Pinkerton, founder of the private detective agency, died, 1884
Communist Party of China established, 1921
Kosmos 1383 (USSR), first search and rescue satellite, launched, 1982
Somalia established its independence, 1960
First game played at (old) Comiskey Park (St Louis 2, Chicago 0), 1910
First TV commercial (Bulova Watch Co), 1941
Harriett Beecher Stowe, US writer (“Uncle Tom’s Cabin”), died, 1896
US forces entered the Korean conflict, 1950
First edition of “L’Osservatore Romano,” Vatican newspaper, published, 1861
Juan Peron, president of Argentina, died, 1974
Andy Hawkins pitched a no-hitter for the Yankees and lost (4-0) to the White Sox, 1990
US Bureau of Internal Revenue established, 1862