The Daily News | April 20

Miners attacked by National Guardsmen at Ludlow, Colorado, 1914
Curies isolated radium, 1902
First game played at Wrigley Field (Chicago 7, Cincinati 6), 1916
Daphne du Maurier died, 1989
Oliver Cromwell dissolved the English Parliament to rule by decree, 1653
Archibald MacLeish, US poet, died, 1982
First game played at Fenway Park (Red Sox 7, New York Highlanders 6), 1912
First radio facsimile transmission, 1926
Record for longest season-starting losing streak broken (14 games, Orioles), 1988
George Clinton, 4th US vice president, died, 1812
First Nazi war criminal returned by US to USSR against his will (Karl Linnas), 1987
Fidel Castro got red-carpet welcome, New York, 1959
First game played at Navin Field (now Tiger Stadium) (Detroit 6, Cleveland 5), 1912
Massachusetts created a state board of education, 1837
Howard K. Smith left his resignation on the ABC bulletin board and went on vacation, 1979
Apollo 16 (US) made fifth manned landing on the moon, 1972
US Supreme Court ruled that federal courts could order low cost housing for minorities in a city’s white suburbs to ease racial segregation, 1976
US Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of busing, 1971