The Daily News | October 27

“The Cracker Line” (reinforcing Union troops) opened, 1863
Columbus discovered Cuba, 1492
Monsanto announced it had halted aging in mice and chickens, 1961
DuPont announced invention of Nylon, 1938
World’s first underground and underwater subway opened (New York), 1904
Tammany Hall’s Boss Tweed arrested, 1871
New York Mets beat Boston Red Sox in seventh game of World Series 8-5, 1986
First “Federalist Paper” published, 1787
Michael Servetus, Spanish theologian and physician burned at the stake, 1553
Republic of the Congo changed to Zaire, 1971
Treaty signed with Spain settled Florida’s Northern boundary and gave navigational rights on the Mississippi River to US, 1795
“Jazz” first used in print (Variety), 1916