The Daily News | March 2

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a basketball game, 1962
Soyuz 28 (USSR) launched, 1978
Jones Act passed (US citizenship granted to Puerto Ricans), 1917
Randolph Scott, actor, died, 1987
Horace Walpole, author (“The Castle of Otranto”), died, 1797
US Convict Labor Law enacted, 1642
US Hatch Act (set up agricultural research stations) passed, 1887
Pioneer 10 (US) probe launched, 1972
Law prohibiting theatrical performances repealed (Pennsylvania), 1789
Battle of the Bismarck Sea began, 1943
Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Maria Giovanni Pacelli), 260th pope, elected, 1939
Battle of Waynesborough (Virginia), 1865
US Force Act signed (allowed use of Army and Navy to enforce tariffs), 1833
US Bureau of Education established, 1867
David Herbert Lawrence, author (“Lady Chatterley’s Lover”), died, 1930
US 9th Army reached the Rhine River, 1945
First test flight for 001 (prototype for the Concorde, Toulouse, France), 1969
H.W. Olbers, German amateur astronomer, died, 1840
First nonstop around-the-world flight (Captain James Gallagher, 94 hours), 1949
Texas proclaimed its independence from Mexico, 1836
First school for educating the blind founded (New England Asylum for the Blind - John Dix), 1829
Howard Carter, excavator of King Tut’s tomb, died, 1939