The Daily News | October 7

Bobby Baker resigned as Senate Democratic secretary, 1963
Bette Davis died, 1989
First Bandstand (later, American Bandstand) broadcast, 1957
Edgar Allen Poe, author, died, 1849
Luna 3 (USSR) returned images of the Moon’s farside, 1959
First US railroad began operation, 1826
Christopher (Christy) Mathewson, baseball player, died, 1925
West closed to colonial settlement, 1763
Walter Payton broke Jim Brown’s career rushing record, 1984
Cornell University was inaugurated, 1868
Georgia Tech. beat Cumberland University (222-0, football), 1916
“Woman’s Day” first published, 1937
Marvin Mandel, Maryland Governor, sent to prison for fraud, 1977
Foundation of German Democratic Republic, 1949
Police stopped Wilbur Mills car, Fanne Fox jumped into water, 1974
Battle of King’s Mountain, South Carolina, 1780
Freedom granted to slaves who fought during the Revolutionary War, 1783
First televised auction of federal property, 1959
Daniel Chester French, sculptor (“The Minuteman” statue), died, 1931
Fire in Windscale nuclear reactor (England), 1957
Leo Ernest “the Lip” Durocher, baseball player and manager, died, 1991
Oliver Wendell Holmes, author and poet, died, 1894
Marian Anderson became the first black engaged by the New York Met. Opera, 1954
Hurricane Daisy in New England and Nova Scotia, 1962
First woman chosen to play for the Harlem Globetrotters (Lynette Woddard), 1985
Clarence Birdseye, American industrialist, died, 1956