The Daily News | August 19

Adolf Hitler given sole executive power of Germany, 1934
Soyuz T-7 (USSR) launched, 1982
Browns used a midget as leadoff batter (vs. Detroit), 1951
Sputnik 5 (USSR) launched, 1960
Blaise Pascal, French philosopher and physicist, died, 1662
Dieppe (France) beach raid, 1942
Water spout 100’ in diameter off Martha’s Vineyard, 1896
USS Constitution sank HMS Guerriere, 1812
Samuel Richardson, English novelist (“Pamela”), baptised, 1689
British ocean liner Arabic torpedoed, 1915
James Watt, Scottish engineer and inventor of steam engine, died, 1819
Condensed milk patented (Gail Borden), 1856
Yankee nuclear power plant (Rowe, Massachusetts) began operations, 1960
Last episode of “The Monkees” aired, 1968
Francis Gary Powers, U2 spy plane pilot, convicted in a Moscow court, 1960
Floods hit the northeastern US (200 killed), 1955
Two US F-14’s shot down two Libyan SU-22’s over the Gulf of Sidra, 1981
Gorbachev ousted from power by a military coup, 1991
Most powerful earthquake in recorded history hit the eastern Indian Ocean, 1977
Ima Hogg, founder of the Houston Symphony, died, 1975
Civil Aeronautics Administration honorary license awarded to Orville Wright, 1940
Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge (US) established, 1941
“Essex County Democrat” editor tarred and feathered for Confederate sympathies, 1861
Network radio debut of “Amos and Andy” (NBC), 1929