The Daily News | August 28

Milwaukee Brewers had 31 hits vs. Toronto Blue Jays, 1992
Saint Augustine died, 430
Italy’s declaration of war against Germany took effect, 1916
Ruth Gordon, actress, died, 1985
Frederick Law Olmsted, American landscape architect, died, 1903
John Huston, director, died, 1987
Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister, announced his resignation, 1983
Midway Islands claimed for US, 1867
Jerry Whitworth, “Walker family” Soviet spy, sentenced to 365 yrs, 1986
Kidnap and lynching of Emmett Till, 1955
Martin Luther King led a civil rights rally in Washington DC (200,000), 1963
Hugo Grotius, Dutch theologian, died, 1645
Three Italian stunt planes collided (Ramstein, West Germany) (70 killed), 1988
Delaware Bay discovered (Henry Hudson), 1609
First radio “commercial” broadcast (New York realty co., $100, WEAF), 1922
Earthquake hit central Mexico (>525 killed), 1973